Sunday, 6 November 2016

Why 160gig blog?

In my view Apple's contribution to human happiness peaked with iPod Classic and it's been on the slide ever since. I had a 120gb version for ages, and when Apple discontinued the Classic I saw a 160gb version in Asda Motherwell and grabbed it. A good move as I never saw another new in a shop. I have gradually added most of the music I have and on 6th November 2016 the total is 11291 tracks in 763 albums which would take me 37.3 days to play. The total rises by a song or two most days. As I'm one of the dying breed who actually listens rather than using music as wallpaper I tend to think about what I am listening to and it seemed like time to let some of those thoughts out for some fresh air. So this is a blog about my iPod and it's contents. Who is it for? Me mostly, I write a fair bit in the course of business but haven't ever written just for the sake of it.

I know it's not a new idea. Dylan Jones did a great job of sharing the whole curating aspect of music collecting in his book iPod Therefore I Am which I recommend, both for the tales and for the music choices, most of them at least.

Introductory post over. I will probably fiddle about with the design of the blog a bit and start posting as regularly as life allows. I'm aiming for every couple of weeks at worst. Will anyone care? Will anyone read it?  Will I last more than the four posts I have ideas for..?

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